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Mixology 101: Popular Cocktail Lounges and Drink Recipes

Don’t get mixed up in a state of confusion.  With a wide range of established techniques, it can be difficult to keep up with the most recent trends in drink Mixology. Gels, powders, foams and atomized sprays are just a few of the methods that can be used when you set out to make the next great American cocktail. Mixology bars have grown in popularity in recent years. Now some of the trendiest night-life hot spots are mixology friendly, serving up creative recipes to thirsty patrons. Here are some sheik and trendy mixology bars across the U.S.

The Violet Hour

First up is The Violet Hour located at 1520 N. Damen in our sweet home of Chicago, IL. As a finalist for the coveted James Beard award, The Violet Hour is dedicated to serving all your favorite cocktails stamped with their creative fingerprint. Look to The Violet Hour Old Fashioned or the Juliet and Romeo to start your night off right. A combination of beefeater, mint, cumber and rose water give this signature drink all the elements of a classic love story.

Clover Club

Continue your lucky streak when you visit the Clover Club in Brooklyn, New York.  Great food, exquisite cocktails and live jazz accompany the low-key atmosphere of this cozy bar located only a few blocks off the Hudson River. Simply referred to as “The Parlor”, the Clover Club’s private room is the perfect spot for your next party of up to 45 guests. For larger events, the Clover Club is also available for a full buyout and can accommodate 100 dancing friends, relatives and co-workers. Kick the season off with their famous Pineapple Julep—a refreshing spring cocktail that combines bourbon, pineapple and mint to create a crisp, clean flavor.

Death and Company

From there head over to Death & Company, located on the Lower East Side, where you can catch a bite to eat and indulge in their vast menu of wine, beer, cocktails and spirits. While the Volstead Act of 1919 pushed America’s bartenders into the shadows, Death & Company have brought their mixology secrets to light by granting access to some of the their most famous recipes online. That includes the Hemingway Daiquiri, which harkens back to a tradition of fine craftsmanship with its mix of rum, lime, simple syrup, grapefruit and maraschino.

Franklin Mortage and Investment Company

If Death & Company hits the sweet spot, you won’t mind traveling two hours south to visit its Philadelphia business partner—Franklin Mortage & Investment Co. The namesake is a Prohibition-era business famous for moving more illegal hooch than Al Capone could have ever dreamed of. By keeping its aesthetic in the past and pushing its craft into the future, Franklin Mortage & Investment Co. finds the perfect balance between tradition and the evolution of modern times. For a blast from the past, order the Whizz Bang.  It’s loaded with Scotch, absinthe, grenadine and orange bitters—leaving you thirsty for more.

Midnight Cowboy

If you’re looking for a double dose of southern comfort, make your way to the Midnight Cowboy located in Austin, TX. This former brothel is now a reservation-only cocktail den, and serves as the hidden gem of East 6th Street. Without an official sign, look for the door with a red light above it and then press the Harry Craddock button to buzz yourself in. Once inside, you and your friends can relax in one of the plush leather booths while sharing the AC Milano punchbowl—a delicious blend of rhum, rum, Campari, Pimm’s No. 1, pineapple syrup, grapefruit, lime, Angostura and Chinotto soda.


For a south of the border influence, order a Mexican Bus Ride at Cure and put an end to a boring day. This concoction of mezcal, tequila, Benedictine and Cocchi Americano Rosa is a local favorite of New Orleans, LA. A beautiful patio walled in by vines of jasmine elevate this brick walled establishment to the next level so you can enjoy its food, drinks and atmosphere on your next trip to The Big Easy.

With so many different techniques and programs employed in this golden era of mixology, it is easier than ever to find something you like. Even a classic cocktail, such as a cosmopolitan, can be given a new twist at each stop along the way. So whether you’re someone strongly rooted in tradition or have a palette for modern trends, contemporary mixology bars mix up drinks to please.

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