How to Make a Cosmopolitan


With origins dating back to the 1930’s, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the Cosmopolitan became an established drink in bars and cocktail lounges across the country. While some contend that it was invented by Neal Murray in Minneapolis, others credit its creation to the gay community of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Either way, the Cosmopolitan has become one of the most well known cocktails in the art of American mixology. 

Often considered a “girly” drink because of its pink color and tart flavor, the Cosmopolitan is usually served in a large martini glass and consists of vodka, Cointreau (or triple sec), fresh lime juice and cranberry juice. It’s popularity among women is also due in large part to the popular television series Sex and The City starring Sarah Jessica Parker as fashion journalist Carrie Bradshaw. 


  • 1 oz. Vodka Citron
  • ½ oz. Cointreau
  • ½ oz. Fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz. Cranberry juice

How To:

Although it is served in a martini glass, a Cosmopolitan technically isn’t one. The first step is to add the vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice all together with ice inside of a martini shaker.  Once all the ingredients have been added, cover and shake rigorously until the ingredients are fully mixed and chilled. Next, remove the cap and strain the liquid mixture into a martini glass to separate it from the ice. Finally, garnish the cocktail with either a lemon twist, a coin sized piece of orange or a lime wedge.

Mix Things Up:

If you want to make a quick alteration to the classic recipe, simply squeeze the lime juice into the empty martini glass instead of including it in the shaker with the rest of the ingredients. Once shaken, pour the mixture over the lime juice and enjoy. Another popular option is to substitute limoncello for the lime juice to create a drink referred to as a Cosmocello.