Winemaker Interview Series

From the Vine to the Bottle: A Winemakers Journey

winemaker, winemaker interview series, winemaker interview, wine making processDo you love wine and always wondered how professional winemakers make theirs taste so great? We did too. That’s why we started the Winemaker Interview Series. In this series we travel to some of our favorite wineries and sit down with their head winemaker to ask them their story. Each winemaker interview looks at how they got started in the industry, what drives their passion and how they go about their wine making process.

From Sheldon Wines to the Laurel Glen Vineyard, you can expect to hear a fascinating story with the winemaker interview series. Each winemaker has their own unique process that starts with the location of their vineyard. Temperature, humidity and sunlight all play a factor in the growing process and lead to different methods of picking, sorting and fermentation.

So whether you’re simply a casual wine drinker with a nagging curiosity or an amateur winemaker looking to elevate your craft, this is your chance to learn from some of the best winemakers out there. The winemaker interview series is not just a behind the scenes look at the life of a vintner, but also the journey of wine.

Each journey starts and ends the same way. But between the vineyard and a glass bottle, there are many different steps to take along the way that lead to a unique tasting wine with characteristics all its own. Who knows…maybe you can be the next featured guest of the Winemaker Interview Series!

The Winemaker Interview Series:

Visit Sheldon Wines with Tobe Sheldon

Visit Laurel Glen Vineyard with Randall Watkins

Visit Jericho Canyon Vineyard with Nick Bleecher